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It’s never been simpler to change the tone and shade of your kitchen by following the artwork melamine cupboards smaller than expected course presented by Melamine paint is urethane built up oil based paint which can normally be applied to a large number of surfaces like covers, plastic, fiberglass, glass, and even pottery. This article will address your inquiries on the best way to paint cupboards that are not wood, as well as what groundwork and paint to utilize, and moves toward take to make it happen.

Some paint specialists accept that paint can be straightforwardly applied onto a pre-cleaned surface without utilizing a groundwork, others accept that kitchen cupboards ought to be cleaned with a cleanser, delicately sanded, giving the paint a grasp, and washed over with a trisodium phosphate (TSP) cleaner and afterward left to dry prior to painting. One provider ventures to express that by applying a layer of a multi-surface introduction first prior to utilizing the one coat goes quite far to working on the exhibition of the melamine paint.

Bit by bit guide on the most proficient method to paint melamine entryways and drawers

• Safeguard your floors by setting down plastic sheets.

• Wear gloves to safeguard your hands.

• Ventilation is vital. Open windows to work with drying.

• Eliminate bureau ways to a spot where you can paint them evenly and pass on them to dry.

• Eliminate the handles and pulls and put them in a protected spot – except if you’re purchasing new ones.

• Clean and eliminate oil from surfaces and let them dry well.

• Adhere to the guidelines for blending TSP in with water and wash the surface. Permit a couple of hours to dry.

• Eliminate residue and soil concealed in corners and completely sand the surface. Apply the preliminary with a 80 to 100 coarseness sandpaper.

• Apply one layer of preliminary and permit the cupboards to dry. This ought to be an excellent item which gives great bond to the top coat. Drying ought to require Melamine Foam about four hours. This is a significant piece of the interaction. Ensure there’s nobody in the house where you’re working.


• Delicately sand the outer layer of the preliminary with a 240 or better coarseness sand paper.

• Take a characteristic fiber brush and apply the melamine paint with smooth all over strokes for an even sheen finish. (A few providers suggest utilizing a froth brush or a high thickness froth roller).

• Best outcomes are accomplished by painting three slim coats rather than a couple of thick covers, considering a lot of drying time between coats.

• At any rate, while painting over a dim variety, apply two covers. Dry for something like sixteen hours prior to applying the subsequent coat.

• Permit the drying time of sixteen hours and somewhat more before you re-hang the kitchen cupboard entryways. Note that total drying is fundamental for the best outcomes and that everything will work out. Remember too that most melamine paints may be contact dry in two or three hours, however won’t be totally set for a couple of days, so let it dry longer prior to remounting the entryways and hold on until they are completely set.